Another meeting down already in 2022. We hope that your all still enthused for the rest of the years programme. WHICH incidentally you can find every meeting detail and ALL competitions and subjects - HERE

This gives you the dates, and competitions subjects for the rest of the year. So have a read and start planning your shoots!

The question was raised again - ‘When do you need the images by?’ - simple really - ASAP. I have already received some entries for this March, so if you have them send them. But usually we would like them in before the end of the second week. But for those who like deadlines - 20th March 2022 8pm.

We discussed some simple and easy ways to use shapes to improve your composition. Although this was a very basic competition, I strongly urge you to do your own research on the principles, they really can help to make mediocre images look much better! It wasn’t a lengthy presentation and went through some simple principles to get you going!

Full details of this will be in the members newsletter. Members receive a copy of the presentation in the club newsletter.

The ‘Monthly Competition’ entitled ‘Into the Light’ was held.

The winners were:-

  • 1st - 'Walking into the Light' by Sue Poole
  • 2nd - 'Not Many of These' - by Phil Simmons
  • 3rd - 'Almost There' by Phil Simmons

'Walking into the Light' by Sue Poole

Some of these images have been cropped for a better fit for the website.


Our next meeting we will be discussing - ‘Tips for improving your Spring photography’. Date - 28th March - 19:30.

The Monthly Competition is - ‘Shapes’

You can view our current programme here - PROGRAMME 2022

Members receive full details via Email and BEFORE they are posted here…