Again, we were online - for those who attended many thanks. We know this has been a hard few years, and we would all like to get back to face to face meetings, however, we all must do our bit.

On that note, numbers of attending the meetings are lowering. I’d like to hear from you as to why your not able to attend, I appreciate internet connections, and other things do get in the way. However we don’t want to see the club fold due to the pandemic, and we can pull through this. What we need from you is what are you after in the next years programme.

The months Focus Point was ‘Fire & Smoke’.

Now this was an interesting topic, how to create mood and atmosphere with lighting, smoke from fire and even smoke bombs. More planning and creativity would be needed for this subject.

There were plenty of tips and examples to get your creative juices flowing, links to some more examples would be in the members newsletter.

Members receive a copy of the presentation in the club newsletter.

The ‘Monthly Competition’ entitled ‘Cafe Culture’ was held.

The winners were:-

  • 1st - 'The Morning Papers' by John Horton
  • 2nd - 'Breakfast with Tea' - by Joan Banks
  • 3rd - 'I'm Drained' - by Joan Banks

'The Morning Papers' by John Horton

Some of these images have been cropped for a better fit for the website.


Unfortunately we need to amend the programme as we are unable to secure the speaker that we wanted to… details to follow.

The subject for our meeting is ‘TBC’.

The Competition is entitled…

  • Monthly - 'Buildings' - Ancient and Modern (One old, one New)
  • Quarterly - The Nature of Decay - Decomposition not dereliction or demolition

You can view our current programme here - PROGRAMME 2021

Members receive full details via Email and BEFORE they are posted here…