Following the sucsess of this format in previous years, all the Monthly Competitions will follow the presentations, this way we can learn about certain subjects and techniques then go practice these for the following month. Please don’t think that any of the below subjects are out of your skill level, the Focus Point discussions will guide you through what/how to achieve your photography goals.

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Workshops / Focus Points

Exposing for Difficult Lighting
We've all been in situations where we just can't quite get the exposure we want. In this discussion we will look at some simple techniques to help you get the image you want.
Shapes & Architecture
Looking at this subject as a whole, but consentrating on the compositional aspect to see how we can improve not only our architectural images but tips for all types of photography.
Concert/Show Photography
Not something that we all do, but it may be an interesting dive into the world of exitment and action.
Costal Photography (Piers / Acrcages / People / Wildlife)
we have discussed wildlife and sea scapes before, but there are lots of other things to photography on a day out at the seaside. We will look into, hopefully, some things that you may not of through of photographing.
Recreation Around Water
Sometimes we are looking at the water, and not whats happening around. Ever through about your shutter speed to try to grab the action as it happens, if not, then this will be a great discussion for you.
These are sometimes easy to get, sometimes hard to get, and sometimes we may photograph them without meaning to. We will be discussing the technique to get silhouettes when and howyou want them.
Event Photography
You may think this is similar to the Concert/Show discussion, well we will be looking at what sort of ideas you can use for certain types of event photography.
What you can find in the forest
There are always things to look for, on the ground in the sky and in the trees, but are there other places or things you can look for to get some amazing images?
Evening Photography
How can you make interesting dark images? Well in this discussion we will dive into how to look at things differently, but more importantly how to expose to add atmosphere, mood and emotion to your images to make them really striking.
Interesting Projects for the Xmas holiday
As much as it's an amazing time for family and friends. It's a time to reflect on the year past, and the year ahead. What have we learned and what can we aim to learn. We will discuss some interesting projects for you to try out during the Xmas break and in the new year to get you on track for achieving your photography goals in 2024.


Quarterly Competition.

This years Quarterly will be themed as 'Seasons'.

  • January - Autumn
  • April - Winter
  • July - Spring
  • October - Summer

Monthly Competitions.

These will follow the Focus Points through the year.

  • January - Long Exposure
  • February - Mist and Fog
  • March - Bridges & Viaducts of the UK
  • April - Song/Music title
  • May - UK Coast
  • June - Lake
  • July - Silhouettes
  • September - Festivals
  • October - Fungi, Lichen & Mosses (must be an autumn event)
  • November - After Dark

Lancaster Memorial.

  • November - Black and White.

Any questions on anything regarding this year’s programme, please click the following link to email your question…

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