Hopefully we are seeing the end of the pandemic and will be able to resume face to face meetings soon. Until then we will continue to meet on Zoom, and when normal meetings resume, we will adapt the below schedule with workshops galore.

Workshops / Focus Points

Long Exposure
We have covered this in the past, but why not go over something that can be a lot of fun.
What Apps do you use?
With technology moving so fast these days, we're moving to more mobile solutions. In this focus points we will be looking at some apps that may help you with a different solution rather than sitting at the laptop all night.
This can always produce great and amazing images. The discussion will go through some of the different types we can use. Water / Mirrors / Polished Surfaces, what to look for, how to improve the images.
Special Effects
Lockdowns and movement Restrictions have stopped us a lot of going out, we are going to look at how to produce some special effects that you can do yourself. We're going to look at Smoke, Smoke Trails, moving the camera, Zoom burst, Filters, Bokeh.
Rivers & Streams
Looking here are technical sides of combining long exposures, compositions and whats around the area.
Architecture Photography
We have again covered this, however we will be looking at Historic/National Trust/English Heritage, essentially a virtual walk through looking at ideas and items to look out for to make interesting images.
Portraiture Photography
Looking at the simple ways to improve your images, close ups, head and shoulders, 3/4 and full lengths.
Fire & Smoke
Hopefully we can have someone spinning around some fire, but also we may let off some colourfull smoke bombs and take some interesting images.
Astro Photograpy
We may or may not be getting in a guest speaker to give us some hints and tips on what and how to Photograph the stars.
Looking for Details
Sometimes a different perspective can help improve your images. The devil is in the detail, we will look at how to think about the details to enhance your images, or how to think about the details that may distract and obscure your images.


Quarterly Competition.

(Crop to be no larger than A4)

  • January - Bokeh
  • April - Insects - (No Spiders - They are NOT Insects)
  • July - Shropshire Towns - NO TOURISTS / HOLIDAY SNAPS
  • October - The Nature of Decay - Decomposition not dereliction or demolition

Monthly Competitions.

(Crop to be no larger than 7x5)

  • January - Isolation
  • February - Monochrome
  • March - On a Hillside
  • *April - Reflections
  • May - Tree Lines
  • June - Down by the River (any river worldwide)
  • July - OPEN - yes open that means Anything
  • September - Cafe Culture
  • October - Buildings - Ancient and Modern (One old, one New)
  • November - Fireworks / Sparklers

Lancaster Memorial.

(Crop to be no larger than A4)

  • November - People at large; i.e street, market, sport, or any other activity.

Any questions on anything regarding this year’s programme, please click either of the following…

Graham Welsby - Chairman
John Horton - Club Secretary