July’s meeting was a good one, with so many great suggestions for next years programme, and competitions we could hold.

The months Focus Point was ‘Interior Lighting’. We discussed possible pit falls of different types of lights, and how to combat against those, and tips and trick to deal with ever changing settings whilst moving from room to room. Plus tricks to adjust in post. This subject had several areas that could easily be used as separate focus points, and members were asked to consider if there was any aspect that they would like to explore in more detail.

Members receive a copy of the presentation in the club newsletter.

The ‘Monthly Competition’ entitled ‘Wings’ was held.

The winners were:-

  • 1st - 'Mute Swan Landing' by Sue Poole
  • 2nd - 'Early Morning' by Kat Felton
  • 3rd - 'Woodland Kingfisher' by Paul Hough

'Mute Swan' - Sue Poole
Some of these images have been cropped for a better fit for the website.

Please note that entries (rectangular, up to 7 x 5 ins) for the Monthly competition can be made without mounts – when needed, mounts will be available at the start of the session.

Discussions on how the future of the club will look like were held again after the questionnaire was submitted, and we look like we are split on a 50/50 on return to staying on-line. We will however need to have further discussions with the Birch, and see if we are able to have the larger hall, and what measures and risk assessments have been made.


A complete change to the normal annual route and we will be holding an additional meeting in August (Members will receive notification of the details nearer the time) 19:30 on Monday 24th August 2020.

The subject for our meeting is ‘Gimp Tutorial’

There will only be the Monthly Competitions and is entitled…

  • Monthly - 'In the Garden/Through The Window'

You can view our current programme here - PROGRAMME 2020

Members receive full details via Email and BEFORE they are posted here…