Update on our Clubs proceedings.

We thought we would run an update for any members who may of missed any of the emails recently.

For the last few months we have been in a country wide lock down. If you didn’t know this - where have you been. So to keep the club going, We are currently running our meetings online.

This decision was a simple one to make, photography clubs in general seem to have a larger proportion of members in the more mature end of the scale (no offence intended), or in the current way of saying things ‘extremely venerable’ - not a term I think should be used. So changing the format to safe guard our members and the community they may come in contact with, was an obvious move.

With this in mind, we are looking to continue our online meetings even after the lock down is lifted. We want to ensure that all of our members are able to attend even when this is not possible in the physical sense.

How things run in the norm.

We would normally meet every last Monday of the month (amending for Bank Holidays, Christmas and a summer break in August) where we have a various meetings of ‘Focus Points’ and ‘Workshops’

Focus Points

Our Focus Points consist of short presentations based on various aspects of photography, from equipment to techniques. These can range in expertise from beginner to advanced, but always has something for everyone.


The Workshops are again short presentation, followed with the chance for the members to have a go on the subject of the night. With props and/or leaving the meeting setting and getting out for a short time, allowing members to have a quick practice based on the subject of discussion.

These formats have been very successful, and received great feedback from members of new and also those who have been part of other clubs.

Monthly & Quarterly Competitions.

Each Month/Quarter we hold a competition based on a subject set at the beginning of the year. Monthly is usually up to 7x5 and the Quarterly up to A4 print. These are handed in at the beginning of the evening, and post presentation, members are encouraged to walk around the table where the images are set out and vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. While the numbers are calculated, if gives members the opportunity to socialise or grab a committee member - or another member and ask a question that they may have about their camera, software or equipment.

Once the numbers have been computed, we announce the placed images, then proceed through all of the images with a critique in the hope to help improve and learn with constructive criticism from peers. This may sound daunting, but it’s always polite with joviality, and we don’t think we’ve upset anyone too much. Never say never right? Joking aside, we are a very friendly and accommodating club who’s members are always happy to help.

What’s changed?

Well simply, not much. The club continues to run as per the above, albeit with one difference - it’s all online.

  • Members submit their competitions entries via email.
  • These entries are posted on the website.
  • Members review the images, and vote using an online voting slip.
  • Numbers are tallied and announce at the meeting.
  • The meeting is online.
  • Presentation is run through the browser in just the same format - but online.

Some member may argue that it’s much nicer to see each other in the flesh, but everyone seems to enjoy this format (at least for now) as they’re able to join with a glass of whatever they fancy, and easily from the comfort of the living room chair.

The Future

Well no one really has a crystal ball, and it is difficult to say how things will proceed in the country. I’m positive that this will end, and things will hopefully get back to normal - what ever that maybe. Regarding the club’s position, that will hopefully mean that we can meet at the Birch Meadow Centre again.

But we are aware that this situation will be here for a long time. So if and when we are able to conduct club proceedings in a normal fashion, we know that some of our members may still not be able to leave their homes.

The club will be hosting the meetings online until further notice - this will hopefully mean that none of our members will be left out, and can still enjoy the meetings as they normally would do.

The committee feel it is very important that all members have the opportunity To be involved in such times as these and in any future proceedings with the club.

Should you have any questions have any questions regarding the club or meetings please do not hesitate to get in touch - broseleyphotography@gmail.com

You can view our current programme here - PROGRAMME 2020

Should you want to have a look at our latest ‘Online Competition’ You can view that HERE