This year’s programme has a mixture of Workshops and Focus points, you should definitely bring along your camera to every meeting…

There is a varied range of aspects and techniques to practise. We are again setting out the entire Years Competitions. That is for both Monthly and Quarterly, plenty of time to practise. As well as a Bonus Points Competition to be finished by the end of the year for extra points.

Workshops / Focus Points

  • 28th September 2015

Q&A – We will be having a general ‘chit-chat’ about anything you desire. Ask any question about any subject, as well as asking for things to happen in and around the club.

  • 26th October 2015

Night Photography – Although we have covered this subject before, we will be looking at painting with light, but in particular long exposures. So read your manuals to see how to adjust the shutter speed.

  • 30th November 2015

Guest Speaker – We are looking at welcoming a guest speaker to our evening. Speaker TBC. (Please note that this evening may change depending on speaker’s availability).

  • 25th January 2016

White Balance – Ever taken a picture and wondered why its gone all orange, or blue? We will be looking at white balance and how you can control it, as well as custom white balances for certain situations.

  • 29th February 2016

Lighting Workshop – We will be looking at lighting again. We would not only like some direction from you as to what techniques you would like to look at - but there will also be a few set ups so you can try, so again make sure you have your cameras with you.

  • MARCH - 4th April 2016

Framing your images – This isn’t going to be a demonstration on how to make a wooden frame, nor how to make a custom mount. This will be a discussion on how to use objects to create a frame for your subjects, create a little more interest in your images with blurred foreground objects, and other such items.

  • 25th April 2016

Filters – A subject we have covered in the past, but something we feel is up for discussion again. There will be a possible demonstration, as well as a few items for you to look at as well.

  • 23rd May 2016 (TBA due to Bank Holiday).

High Key vs Low Key – This really is personal taste, but used well can set the mood of an image. This will be a discussion for where and when to think about the differences of these techniques.

  • 27th June 2016

TRIP OUT - Ironbridge – (As it’s summer (possibly debatable), we thought we would get out and about. We will meet in Ironbridge, take a wander round with our cameras, then maybe a cheeky beer or gin in the pub after - Competition will be held where ever we go afterwards.

  • 25th July 2016

Sports– Ever wanted to take amazing sports images? We will be discussing some possible settings for you to try at your next sporting event. Bring your camera along so we can test things out.


Quarterly Competition.

(Crop to be no larger than A4)

  • October - Ironbridge
  • January - Bokeh
  • April - Mono
  • July - Abstract

Monthly Competitions.

(Crop to be no larger than 7x5)

  • September - Replication
  • October - Rust
  • November - Night Images
  • January - Puddles
  • February - Textures
  • March - Streets
  • April - Tree Lines
  • May - Water
  • June - Insects
  • July - People

Extra Points

There are extra points to be had this year with a special addition to the competitions.

What we would like to see is an image, taken of the same subject, from the same spot, in all four seasons. This is your chance to photograph what you like, as long as you can illustrate all four seasons.

This will be presented at the July Club Meeting, on A4 split into the 4 images.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a project for the entire year, you may send you entry before the meeting, and do not have to attend to win the points - However, this does NOT apply to the Monthly and Quarterly entries, if you want to enter those competitions you still need to attend.

Any questions on anything regarding this year’s programme, please click either of the following…

Graham Welsby - Chairman
John Horton - Club Secretary